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  • Commissions are done in MY STYLE. Please do not ask me to draw anything in someone else's style. 

  • I am quite flexible, just work with me and I will have no problems working with you. With that being said, I have the right to refuse any commissions I do not feel comfortable or confident in my artistic ability to be doing.

  • Along with posting the finished product on my social, it is also highly likely that I will stream me working on your commission at any point. If you do not wish for your commission to be shown before it is finished, just let me know :)

  • If there is waiting list, I will provide you with an estimate of when I will be able to start your commission and also an estimate on the turnaround time. 

  • I do ask that if you post the finished product on your social media, please do not forget to credit me :) 

  • Please refer to any of the Commission Info pages along with this page as it should answer most questions you might have. Any further questions will be handled through Email, Twitter, or Discord.


  • A valid email is required as all finished products will be sent to the email address you provide me.

  • Before contacting me regarding a potential commission, please take some time to gather together some reference images. This will not only make it easier for you to explain your idea to me, but will make the overall process go alot easier :)

  • If you are unable to gather reference images, I will need as much details regarding your idea. For emotes, that includes expressions, pose, or anything else needed specifically.

  • Once payment is received, I will inform you that I will be proceeding with sketches. Sketches may take 1-2 days to get back to you. 

  • When sketches are complete & sent to you, any changes desired should be done during this step before proceeding to the draft. After finishing a draft, you are allowed one more revision to change minor details, ie. . change colors/small details. Not pose, clothes, or full expressions.

  • Completely new sketches or major changes will be an additional fee. Keep this in mind.

  • If I run into any concerns or issues regarding your commission, I will contact you ASAP. 



  • Estimated Turnaround Times for your commission are provided when initial payment is received. 

  • Turnaround times for Emotes & Sub Badges vary depending on number of orders and complexity of your commission. It will take time.
    - 1-3 Emotes: 1-5 days
    - 1-6 Sub Badges: 1-5 days

  • Turnaround times for other services:
    - Twitch Banners or Panels: 4-6 days, depending on bundle pack orders or not
    - Social Media Banners: 3-5 days
    - Video Thumbnails: 2-3 Days

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